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Our Commitment Is Clear: 

As collectors and investors ourselves, we share and respect your dedication to the American art that we believe in. We maintain a deep commitment to the masterpiece paintings that we own, and we expect collectors who purchase them to support our understanding. We believe that great American art is coming into its own in its homeland. The opening of new American wings at major museums in New York and Boston and the development of the Crystal Bridges treasure trove of the American paintings that we love, testify to this.


Our Focus Is Specific: 

We focus only on masterpiece paintings, from 1850 to 1950. We offer works starting with Samuel Colman and Helwig Wyant up to the Ashcan School founded by Robert Henri and then on to Thomas Hart Benton and finally Wolf Kahn. We aim to support the artistic preference of our collectors, who seek American tonalism, impressionism, and realism. Because we think that metaphor coupling imagination with reality empowers all art, we do not deal in abstract expressionism. We are proud to offer works whose value is purely intrinsic. Landscape is our primary focus. For us the image of nature is paramount, no matter the technique used to render its beauty and meaning.

Our Collectors Like What We Do:

We aim to provide masterpiece paintings, and collectors benefit from the high quality of what we sell. We offer both wealth management skills and extensive art market guidance as well. The critical point is our ability to provide value for collectors. We want them to be rewarded in the long term for their investment. We work hard to acquire the best paintings at the most reasonable prices. This is not an easy task, and it's not often that we acquire a masterpiece that passes our tests and speaks its value. It's no wonder then that we own what we sell, love the paintings that we live with daily, and offer discounts to collectors who know what it is to experience masterpiece American Art!

Our Collection

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