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John C. Terelak NEW


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John C. Terelak (b.1942). "Winter Apples," oil

on canvas, 40 x 50, signed. Magnificent antique frame.


Curator's Comments: 

At almost eighty, John Charles Terelak is America's leading pure impressionist. Just listen to Terelak and you will understand why we, along with major collectors, corporate investors and major museums know him as the best living impressionist we have. His work is the real thing, not an impressionism copying the historic past, but impressionism as we know it, illuminating genuine present day landscape. "I've been painting for over twenty-five years, and after all that time, I still love to paint. I get enormous pleasure just from the smell of paint and turpentine, from the actual physical process of mixing paints and applying them to the canvas. I'm a very intense painter, and I'm certainly a 'messy' painter, but at the same time I'm also very patient and painstaking. I take a long time with my paintings, working and reworking them, adding layer after layer of paint, and glazing the surface again and again. I want the actual surface of the canvas to have a rich patina, a depth and texture that is beautiful in its own right, quite independent of the images and colors involved. Actually, whether I'm painting Monet's garden at three in the afternoon, or Times Square at three in the
morning, the real content of my work is color and light. What I'm really doing is playing off one color against another, creating color harmonies that evoke different moods and feelings." We believe Winter Apples is Terelak's ultimate masterpiece! 

Also for sale: another magnificent Terelak snowscape!


Gallery Database:

John C. Terelak (b.1942). "Freezing Over," oil

on canvas, 28 x 30, signed, as framed.

Terelak Knows

How the Stream

Turns to Ice!

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