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October 20, 2014
Our Focus Is Specific
As collectors and investors, we share and respect your dedication to the American art that we believe in. We focus only on masterpiece American oil paintings, generally of the period from 1850 to 1950. For our clients and ourselves, these are the great 100 years, which begin with works by Wyant and Bolton Jones and continue on to Crane and Murphy, and then to Lawson, Schofield, Folinsbee, Gruppe and Wolf Kahn--among others. We leave 18th-century neo-classical paintings to other dealers, drawing the line at American artists from Samuel Colman and earlier. Landscape is our sole focus, and we are pleased to work with clients and collectors who share its deep and lasting appeal. We support the artistic preferences of our fellow collectors, who seek for representational works within the varying American contexts of Realism, Luminism and Impressionism. For us the image of nature is paramount, no matter what pictorial technique is used to imaginatively render its meaning.

Our Artistic Commitment Is Clear
We have a very strong commitment to the great American paintings that we own, and we expect the individuals who purchase our works to share our understanding. We believe that American art is at last coming into its own in its homeland. And the opening of the new American wing at New York's Metropolitan Museum--following a new American wing last year for Boston's Museum of Fine Arts--will add sales thrust and interest! This trend will continue as collectors react to the rising investment potential. Prices are still low today--but they are moving higher. This permits us to make available to our clients works whose stature would be out of reach if done by contemporary European artists. We have no interest in Abstract Expressionism since we believe that great art reflects the union of individual imagination and the landscape of reality, giving rise to a universal experience that can be shared. And as collectors begin to reject private and self-centered shapes, egocentric smears by self-declared artists, classic American art also gains. Since we are collector-investors who put value first, we are proud to offer works created in a tradition whose value is not media-driven but intrinsic.

Our Collectors Like What We Do
Our clients prefer us because we bring wealth management skills to the art collecting experience. The critical point is our ability to provide value for our collectors. We want them to live with and respect the masterpiece paintings we help them obtain and ultimately to be rewarded by their investment. We work very, very hard to acquire not only the very best paintings, but to do so at prices, which allow us to sell to those who want a genuine art investment. This is by no means easy. We are constantly seeking value opportunities, and we are frequently disappointed when prices go beyond what we want to pay. That can happen when untutored buyers and financial advisors with no artistic experience bid up prices to levels far above the actual market. We know this happens because we have obtained bargains when over-priced works come back for resale. We also benefit when publicity-seeking museums deaccession American masterpieces in favor of trendy media pop-art. Once in a great while we can make it work, and we do acquire something that passes our tests and speaks its beauty. No wonder, then, that paintings of this kind mean so much to us. Even then, we try to place them at a price that will enable our collectors to feel completely satisfied with their purchases. We love our paintings and we live with them on a daily basis and we are happy to offer discounts to clients who are able to see the value of experiencing and knowing truly great art. Selected offerings from our gallery are illustrated and discussed on this site, and we think you will find the works we exhibit as meaningful and important as we do. Please read our
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Reynolds Beal NEW/SOLD
Walter Emerson Baum
Johann Berthelsen
James King Bonnar
William Chadwick NEWEST
John Edward Costigan NEW
Bruce Crane JUST SOLD
Franklin B. DeHaven
Werner Drewes NEW
Charles Harry EatonPOSTED
John Joseph Enneking
Walter Farndon
Helen A Fleck POSTED
John Fulton Folinsbee
Arthur Clifton Goodwin
Charles Paul Gruppe'
John R. Grabach POSTED
Emile A Gruppe' NEW/NEW
Edward Parker Hayden
Howard Logan Hildebrandt
Hugh Bolton Jones
Wolf Kahn NEW/NEW
Mostafa Keyhani
Louis Aston Knight NEW
Walter Koeniger
Ernest LawsonNEW
Richard Hayley Lever NEW
Antonio Pietro Martino
John Francis Murphy
Hobart Nichols SOLD
William Edward Norton
Robert Emmett Owen
Lilla Cabot Perry
Levi Wells Prentice POSTED
Robert Lewis Reid
Louis Ritman
Samuel Rothbort SOLD
Chauncy Foster Ryder
Birger Sandzen
Walter Elmer SchofieldNEW
Eric Sloane
George Henry SmillieSOLD
William Lester StevensNEW
George Gardner Symons
Guy C. Wiggins
Mostafa Keyhani
Richard Kipniss SOON
Gail Postal SOON
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